Self care, Self Love

Self care can be missing from your life especially if you are very busy and stressed. What is self care? It is the mindful taking of time to pay attention to yourself in a way that ensures you are being cared for by you. Incorporating self care daily helps to serve as an armor to protect the energy that we need in order to survive and thrive. Self care helps us in managing stress and living your best life.

  • *Knowing your limits: Recognize when you are doing more than you are used to or more than you can handle. Figure out what you can do to slow down.
  • *Getting the sleep you need: Do you know how much sleep you need to function? Are you making a serious effort to get that much sleep? Sleeping and resting are essential for mind and body.
  • *Making sure you are well fed: Does what you eat provide the necessary energy you need to function? Do you take time to have meals and snack even while at work? Self care is having your favorite healthy foods in your everyday routine.
  • *Decompress throughout your day: Can you rest your mind during and after a work day? Can you take mini breaks to refresh your mind and body? Try stretching or a brief walk even if only a few minutes.
  • *Feeding your spiritual self: This could be meditating, praying, yoga or walking in nature. It could be observing a sunrise or sunset, practicing gratitude, reading or listening to a podcast or music.
  • *Taking time to love yourself: Appreciate yourself. You are worthy, your are loveable, you are you!

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