Welcome to the Institute of Anti-Aging

Anti-Aging Medicine- and Wellness

The Institute of Anti-Aging are experts in the field of Anti-Aging/Age Management Medicine, Advanced Medical Aesthetics, and Medical Weight Loss  

At the Institute of Anti-Aging, we understand that every person is unique and special- and we treat you that way.  Every aspect of our programs is individualized specifically for you, for your genetic and physical make-up, age and wellness goals.

Edilita De Boda PA-C has specialized knowledge to help you achieve your best at any age. She is passionate about sharing her knowledge to help others achieve

Timelessnesstimeless health, beauty and energy.

In addition, she is a highly sought after Advanced Medical Aesthetics Practitioner.

She is a Hands-On Instructor, a Certified National Instructor for the Polydioxanone (PDO) THREAD LIFT (FACE and BODY), and Advanced Botox and Filler Instructor and teaches MDs and other medical professionals across the country in advanced medical aesthetic procedures.

She is skilled and dedicated to designing a treatment plan that will dramatically and naturally improve

How you look, How you feel and How you function!   

Edilita is thrilled to open the Institute of Anti-Aging and Wellness Center and  to not only offer the best in

Anti-Aging Medicine, Advanced Medical Aesthetics , Medical Weight Loss, but also in Life Coaching-

to effectively treat and enhance your Body, Mind and Spirit…



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